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I can't believe you dunces attacked spamanon as much as you did, he deserves the real apology TBH.
>>1430349 #

"install chen2" would actually make a lulzy banner tbqh


「For Whoever Runs This Site」

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GYdIqSnWaDsEx110 KB805x795gray.jpg
I've watched this site become crippled and rendered useless by 2 anons in the past few days. If you shitheads can't stop tripping acid and praying to your magical rocks long enough to figure out how to stop 2 people from destroying your website, then you have no hope of ever hosting more than a hundred of us. If you guys can't figure out how to unfuck yourselves, we'll be moving on to somewhere else.

tl;dr Unfuck chen2 now or we're out.
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LIAR. You can stay forever mad and banned faggot. Also milkchan left because she got in a fight with Tybb and doesnt want to have the feds watching her. Stop LYING.

Also you're a loser for being so threatened by me.

Fag. <3
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>>1347040 #
>saving photos for your fake argument.

So now you have what 4 vpns left? Keep wasting them loser.
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>>1345667 #
>>1345692 #
>want to install vagrant
>virtualbox not installed because of a recent rebuild
>ruby not installed
>takes fucking forever to emerge
>>1345562 #
>meguca devs
Programming socks will only make things worse. Just give a medio ban privileges, ponyfag.
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I am not lying, you’re probably misunderstanding of what I’m referring to. I’m assuming you’re referring to >>1315787 # That post was in regards of 8ch’s /b2/ board and how it’s going to become a honey pot now. I was talking about the first few pol threads right here on chen2's /pol/ where she said she’ll drop the namefagging. Either way it seems pretty pointless to keep arguing about it since the mods clearly can’t do shit around here.
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Again, you're mistaking me for another Anon. I haven't been banned here before and I never will be. Nothing fake about it.


「We need more Meidos on /pol/」

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GYdIqSnWaDsEx42 KB512x2881c6e690308c910c68bc4d18fa63f606169ab9684cc0bd43c27290e43c15ce28b.jpg
The spammer and the whore both need to be hanned from /pol/ so we can actually use the board. Until these two people are removed it is going to continue slowly dying. Look at how many threads the whore makes about herself just on this board(/qa/). Jesus fuck, this shit is getting old.

More moderators that bin these two on sight are needed.
>>1345621 #>>1345624 #
t. Floodgood
Anonymous## Admin
>>1343854 #
im open to taking jani/meido applications for pol, lmk


「Broken Thumbnails」

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Is there a reason why all images on every board look like they have a broken thumbnail? Even unchecking the image spoilers option doesn't let them be visible.
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Currently on Firefox Dev, never browsed cuckchan once in my life and I don't intend to either.
I still have the problem...
connecting, synced, disconnected, connecting, synced, disconnected

Is chen2 broken?
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>>1341257 #
I mean, I can still use the Image Hover Expansion option, it just shows me a whole lot of broken thumbnails though, which makes it really annoying to view a page.
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Thought I would chime in: I had the same issue on GNU IceCat.


「Spam faggot」

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Can someone please do something about the faggot flooding /pol/? If you need help coding anti-spam shit, I can help. You just ripped megucas software yet have no idea how to do anything coding related.
If you have a twitter this is the owner BPD_GOD you can DM or tweet him


「Spammers are scared of grils」

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GYdIqSnWaDsEx5.4 MB4160x312020190902_062628(1).jpg
Did you know spammers are afraid of grils and wont talk face to face when they seemingly have a problem.


I am here anon, you are only hurting white men by spamming pol and now everyone knows you have a space to settle your faggoty drama with me.

Come on over and play loser
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>the only person who wants me to fuck off is the spam nigger
Imagine being this self-centered. Stop namefagging you dumb slut.
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>>1331060 #
Rent free as they say.
Now that I know you are the tranny I think I get your hate for me and it makes me feel bad for you.
>>1329318 #
Part is also so you can impersonate her you tranny faggot. Stop ruining the board because you dont have a pussy and want to be the only effeminate thing here. Your degeneracy is worse than any woman. At least she can make a son.
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>>1331107 #
I'm not the tranny you dumb motherfucker, I was trying to provide a possible explanation. Cancerous.

Seconded. At least have some binning done so we can still discuss shit
GYdIqSnWaDsEx16 KB300x100hacked banner.jpg
Here's a banner for you. Feel free to decorate however you wish. It's from the google search result.
>Chen2 "This site may be hacked."
Also, fuck spamming trannyposters.


「Re: The Spic Cam Slut」

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Hey guys, I have made almost every general on /pol/ since it started getting popular. I made the first /pol/ general and I have been hanging out, discussing topics with you all daily for almost a month now. Unfortunately, I think I am going to be leaving. The level of discourse on the board has plumetted to a deep and dark spot. I can't take this mindless trash coming out of spic-tits anymore. Shes constantly talking about smoking weed, the benefits of "racemixing", defending the sexual promiscuity of women, and posting her disgusting body. None of that stuff belongs on /pol/ and it is EXTREMELY disruptive. She could go talk about those things ANYWHERE else on the internet, but no she chooses to come to our board and bring her normal faggot mainstream opinions. She has stated MULTIPLE times that shes only here to "disrupt" and "to piss you nazis off". Shit like this is why mass shootings happen. People just keep pushing and pushing us further to the edges of society. They won't let us have a SINGLE FUCKING SPACE on the internet.

After 8ch went down I was really excited to find Chen2 and tried to make it my home. Well that ends today due to the lack of moderation allowing this incredible disruptive name faggot to shit all over one of the last vestiges of /pol/. Pigchan definitely had its issues, but at least there they didn't allow constant attention whoring for a non-white roastie.

Its been fun,
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Shes already 28. Shes a dried up non-white whore who needs to ruin /pol/ with her bullshit just for attention.
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At this point commit homicide you shouldn't be here, you're too emotional for the internet if some whore gets to you.
>>1304280 #
GYdIqSnWa01:003.5 MB288x360traps.mp4
>>1304223 #
Agreed. Considering he's literally a cock sucking faggot who's into /cuteboys/ and traps, I think she makes him jealous because he'll never get to "be the little girl" he wants to be.